F.r.e.e Self Improvement giveaway

I want to let you know of an online giveaway event that I have joined. A giveaway event is one where many experts join together to contribute gifts that you, the reader, can benefit from.

I am so excited to join the 6th Self Improvement giveaway event.  Over 800+ gifts contributed by many big names in the industry……..

What does this mean for you?

Now you can get over 800+ ebooks, audios, videos, e-courses, memberships, products and services on personal development, health, fitness, wellness, mind management, stress management, spirituality, business building, money management, and much more ABSOLUTELY FREE.

I have looked at the array of gifts and it is amazing. JOIN NOW to get your own free gifts. I am sure you will love it.

I have read 1000s of books on health, wellness, personal development for many years. I still signed for some of the gifts – they were just so cutting-edge, so different, interesting and useful. I am already putting them to use.

The event lasts only a short time. So ACT FAST & SIGNUP HERE.

Keep checking back regularly as more gifts are being added daily.


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Long time since I wrote

It’s been a long time since I wrote. I had been tied up with some family matters.

I am so excited to share some news with you. I have also used the hiatus to get qualified as a Life Coach. I have been coaching clients over the last few months and they’ve been getting great results.

Would you like to check out what I have been up to and what results my coaching clients got? Pls visit me at Power Within Coaching.

While you are there, you may also want to take up my offer a completely f.r-e.e. no-obligation, no-strings-attached trial coaching session. I look forward to connecting with you.

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Sorry for not keeping up.

I have been tied up with a lot of family issues and business issues. So I haven’t kept up with writing on this blog.

I am so sorry for this.

Meanwhile, I have been writing on my other blog www.ManageStressToday.com/blog. Do check it out when you can.

Bye for now.


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Being Healthy – what does it really mean?

“Being healthy is about two things: it’s about fixing things when they go wrong, but it’s also about trying to make sure they don’t go wrong in the first place.”

I came across this quote somewhere, and that got me thinking  [Ya, I know, sometimes I think too much :-) ]

I asked myself what does ‘being healthy’ mean to me –

  • is it a lack of annoying physical symptoms
  • is it not having with any chronic ‘dis-ease’
  • is it not catching the flu, cold, cough, fever (acute illnesses) easily
  • is it not being in pain
  • is it ‘preventing illness’
  • is it popping tons of supplements, vitamins, going around wearing a mask over my mouth and nose, denying myself any so-called unhealthy foods, all the time worrying that I would fall sick


  • is it about being healthy on all levels- emotional, mental, spiritual, physical
  • is it about waking up full of energy looking forward to the day ahead
  • living each day at my best, not just in earning my living but making a contribution to others
  • feeling emotionally centred
  • feeling mentally alert and agile, and
  • physically strong and able to accomplish all the things I want to do each day

I decided that a lack of disease or symptoms is not the meaning of health.  For me, Health means Life itself.  Our ancestors were right when they said “Health is the Real Wealth”.

753557_15991101.jpgFeeling happy, confident, calm, looking forward to each day, enjoying and loving what I am doing, having relationships where true mutual respect and love is present, being in the moment not hung up on the past not worried about the future, and so on…….

So, I have just raised the bar for myself.

How about you?  How are going to define what ‘being healthy’ means to you?

Think about it.


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My new workshop – Change Your Emotions, Change Your Life

I see so many emotional issues in people I come across. From stress-related issues to depression to relationship issues to parenting issues to inability to let go of the past to procrastination to being held back by fear and anxiety, the list is endless. 

Even the most balanced person I see has emotional issues that prevent him/her from becoming more alive, more giving, more spiritual. 

This got me thinking. 

I asked myself –  How can I reach out to more people and show them they don’t have to struggle with emotional issues, and that simple, easy, natural solutions like the Bach Flower Remedies can help tremendously?

The ideas came……  

  1. give free awareness talks for people to know such remedies exist and how they can help (if you’d like to know when I will be giving the next free talk in Singapore, please drop an email via this Contact Form.
  2. teach people to become familiar with these remedies and learn how to use them at home
  3. teach people that emotional healing is actually easy and a MUST for them to move forward in life
  4. show people that they have the power to choose their own path to emotional healing 

So, I got working.  The project took some months of gestation and has recently taken birth.

011_038.gif  “Change Your Emotions, Change Your Life” workshop

I am very, very pleased to have put together a live workshop to help people identify their stress levels, understand their own negative or toxic emotions, learn how to use the Bach Flower Remedies to manage stress and clear emotional baggage, for themselves and for their family. 

I am terribly excited about launching this workshop in Singapore.

I hope to also offer this program online in the next few months for those that cannot come to the live program.

I really, really, really want people to learn about this wonderful emotional healing system and help themselves and their near and dear. I am offering it at a very reasonable price in order to reach out to as many people as possible. 

It is my sincere wish that every single one of us leads a life filled with positivity, confidence, happiness, abundance, inner calm and peace. I truly believe that my workshop and/or online program will help people achieve just that.

Watch out for more details in subsequent posts.

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Protect Your Eyesight – Part 2

Hi there

Hope you’ve learned some eye relaxation exercises or Tratak and practise them regularly.

Here are some Homeopathic remedies that are useful for eye conditions –

Ruta Graveolens – for tired eyes due to strain especially lot of reading or studying

Natrum Mur – for headache due to tired eyes from lot of studying.

Argentum Nitricum – aching, tired feeling in the eyes. Feels better by closing the eyes or applying light pressure on them.

Euphrasia – watery eyes with a sensation of burning 

I have used Ruta Graveolens when I have been working long hours staring at the computer, and it usually helps me.

I do not recommend that you try to treat serious eye conditions on your own. Always seek professional help as required.

Take care of your eyes. They’ll serve you well into your golden years.



Protect Your Eyesight – Part 1


Ok, again today’s topic is not only for women but is useful for everyone.

aishwarya-rai-eyes.jpgEyesight – we take it for granted, we stare at computer screens all day long (for many of us, long nights too), we sit too close to the television, we read books lying down or on the bus/train, we read with improper lighting. In fact, we do almost everything we should not do.

Yet, our eyes keep working hard for us. Without them, our lives would come to a standstill. We won’t be able to read, watch television, go out alone, watch our children grow, enjoy the movies, play sport, do hobbies like knitting, sewing, needlecraft, drive, and so much more.

So, what can we do to change things?

One way is to do simple relaxation exercises for the eyes. You can find a lot of them on the internet. 

Another way is to adopt some good habits like taking a break every 1/2 hour or so after computer use, watching television, reading etc,  use proper lighting for reading and fine work, etc.

A simple but effective yoga exercise for the eyes is called “Tratak”. Besides helping to preserve your eyesight, it has other great benefits like improving you concentration, making you feel calmer and much more.  Try it today.

In another post, I will write about Homeopathic remedies that are useful in eye conditions.

Go ahead and protect one of your most precious gifts, your eyesight….


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The Headache Solution

(Also see my post on Migraine dated Nov 19, 2007) 

free-headache02.jpgWe have all had it at one time or another. Mild or Throbbing, Dull or Severe, headaches can make our life difficult and have us curled up in bed praying and crying for a solution.

Homeopathic remedies are very useful in treating headaches. Some of the commonly used ones are as follow.  Select the one that most closely matches your symptoms. Get the remedy in 30c potency, and take it as instructed in my earlier posts “How to use Homeopathic Remedies at Home” dated Sep 20 and 23, 2008.

Sanguinaria Canadensis – Right-sided headache. Head feels as if it would burst. Headache that comes on every 7th day. Nausea and vomiting or other stomach problems may also be present. Menopausal headaches. Headache worse from sun, heat, light, noise, eating sweets. Headache better by vomiting, sleep, belching. You want to lie down in a quiet dark place without any noise or disturbance.

Belladonna – Headache comes on suddenly. Throbbing pain, mostly on right side of head/forehead. Face looks flushed, eyes dilated, pulse may be throbbing. Mind is excited or delirious. Headache worse from pressure, jarring, movement or light. Headache is better with warmth.

Spigelia – Left sided headache or headache that starts at back of head and travels over the head and settles over the left eye. Painful area is extremely sensitive to touch. Headache worse when looking down, smoke, sunlight, movement or stooping. Headache better lying on the right side, lying with head high or applying steady pressure.

Bryonia – Bursting or splitting pain, as if being hit by a hammer from within the head. Mouth and lips feel dry. Thirst for cold drinks in large quantities. May have gastric symptoms or constipation along with the headache. You become very irritable, grumpy and want to go home. Headache is worse from slightest movement, exertion, coughing. Headache is better by closing the eyes, by applying pressure to painful area, lying on painful side.

Natrum Mur – Headache is throbbing and blinding. Pain over the eyes and forehead. Headache feels like being hit on the head by a 1000 tiny hammers. Headache starts with sunrise and gets worse at noon, then goes off by sunset. Headache fron going out in the sun, from grief or disappointment, in anaemic adolescent girls. You have a tendency to dwell on unpleasant memories, you feel hurt easily, you do not want people to offer you sympathy or consolation and you want to be left alone. You may crave salty foods. Headache is worse from heat, reading, at seaside, stuffy room. Headache is better lying down in a quiet dark place, applying a cold compress, in open air.

Gelsemium – Headache starts in back of head and travels to the front; feels like a band around the head. Head feels heavy. You feel dizzy, drowsy, weak and dull. Headache that starts after a shock or fright. Headache before exams. Urination may be increased. Headache is worse by thinking, heat of sun, mental exertion, smoking. Headache is better by lying down with head elevated, bending forward, in open air, after passing urine.

Aconite – Headache comes on suddenly. Pain feels like a tight band around the head. Head feels full and heavy as if the brain is being pushed out. You feel anxious and restless, and feel fear of death. Headache is worse in stuffy room, in cold air, with light or noise. Headache is better with warmth and rest, and in open, fresh air.

Ruta G – headache due to eye strain

Iris Ver – Headache with severe nausea and vomiting. Right sided (particularly right temple) headache. Eyes feel blur. Saliva is ropy and tastes bitter. Pain feels as if head would come off. Head feels heavy or constricted. Headache is worse in early morning and evening, exposure to cold. Headache is better with bending forward, with light movement.

If after 3-4 days of taking the homeopathic remedy, your headache is not improving, please consult with a qualified professional. 

Biochemic Tissue (or Cell) Salts are also good at treating headaches.  BioComplex combination number 12 can be used for all types of headaches. Normal dosage is Adults – 4 tablets per dose, children – 2 tablets per dose, up to 4 times daily until resolved.

If after 1 week of taking BioComplex Number 12, your headache is not improving, please consult with a qualified professional. 

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Let’s embrace those whom we love


Source: Google Images – ‘Rescuing Hug’.

I came across the above picture when I was searching for some other information. While I cannot vouch for the authenticity of the story, it still touched my heart and I wanted to share it with you.

This picture and the story it contained reminded me of the awesome power of the human spirit and the human touch. No matter how many medicines, procedures,vaccines, alternative medicines and therapies we come up with, it is ultimately the human spirit and connection that really heals us. The medicines, procedures and therapies can help but what most of us really need is someone who understands, who empathises, who hugs us no matter what.

So, even the poorest of us can help someone to heal. All it takes is a hug or a smile or a warm human touch. Go ahead, and embrace those you love.

Let’s never forget this.

(PS:   If you have no one to give you a hug, check out Paul Hoffman’s song “No Matter What”. Listening to it makes you feel like someone just gave you a big bear hug and said ‘You’re OK’.)

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The ‘Sick’ Industry

Now and then I have been writing about the side-effects (and many times irreversible damages) caused by chemical drugs.

After seeing LizW’s comment on my blog post (May 14, 2009) and my reply to her on June 11, 2009, I came across this video that I thought, you, my readers and natural health enthusiasts, would appreciate.

Watch, learn, empower yourself, and choose to become the expert on your own health.

This  video will show that your health and healing is not their real agenda.

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