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Do You Know Your Body?

Recently, one of my friends had an ectopic pregnancy. She underwent surgery to remove the unborn foetus, and had to lay in bed for a few days to recover. Fortunately, my friend has 2 children, and was able to overcome … Continue reading

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Set Realistic Goals…….

Hello everyone In my last post, we saw how women build up high levels of stress in the quest for “superwoman”-dom.  Today’s post, although not directly related to health, shows how we can manage stress by taking small steps.  I … Continue reading

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Homeopathy: Breakthrough Medicine or Junk Science?

Hello again If you have hesitated trying Homeopathy because of the controversy surrounding it, the following article may help change your mind…… Quote…. Homeopathy – Breakthrough Medicine or Junk Science?  by acbuddy You may have heard of “homeopathy” but you are … Continue reading

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Mothers-to-be Choose Homeopathy as a Safe Option

Hello everyone It feels good to start posting again after a long break.  I came across this article on  (France), and post it here with their permission. Quote…….. Mothers-to-be choose homeopathy as the safe option   [5 October 2007 … Continue reading

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