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The ‘Sick’ Industry

Now and then I have been writing about the side-effects (and many times irreversible damages) caused by chemical drugs. After seeing LizW’s comment on my blog post (May 14, 2009) and my reply to her on June 11, 2009, I came across this … Continue reading

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Comment on “When Homeopathy Fails……”

LizW wrote the following comment on my post “When Homeopathy Fails…..”dated May 12, 2009. Quote “I know a family where the father is a doctor in homeopathy and has been one for many years. They recently had their first child, … Continue reading


Homeopathy can help you quit smoking

Ok, this weeks’ post is not just for women, but I know it can help if you are a smoker or know someone who smokes.  You want to quit smoking, tried many things but could not rid yourself of this addiction permanently. Well, … Continue reading

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