Being Healthy – what does it really mean?

“Being healthy is about two things: it’s about fixing things when they go wrong, but it’s also about trying to make sure they don’t go wrong in the first place.”

I came across this quote somewhere, and that got me thinking  [Ya, I know, sometimes I think too much :-) ]

I asked myself what does ‘being healthy’ mean to me –

  • is it a lack of annoying physical symptoms
  • is it not having with any chronic ‘dis-ease’
  • is it not catching the flu, cold, cough, fever (acute illnesses) easily
  • is it not being in pain
  • is it ‘preventing illness’
  • is it popping tons of supplements, vitamins, going around wearing a mask over my mouth and nose, denying myself any so-called unhealthy foods, all the time worrying that I would fall sick


  • is it about being healthy on all levels- emotional, mental, spiritual, physical
  • is it about waking up full of energy looking forward to the day ahead
  • living each day at my best, not just in earning my living but making a contribution to others
  • feeling emotionally centred
  • feeling mentally alert and agile, and
  • physically strong and able to accomplish all the things I want to do each day

I decided that a lack of disease or symptoms is not the meaning of health.  For me, Health means Life itself.  Our ancestors were right when they said “Health is the Real Wealth”.

753557_15991101.jpgFeeling happy, confident, calm, looking forward to each day, enjoying and loving what I am doing, having relationships where true mutual respect and love is present, being in the moment not hung up on the past not worried about the future, and so on…….

So, I have just raised the bar for myself.

How about you?  How are going to define what ‘being healthy’ means to you?

Think about it.


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