My new workshop – Change Your Emotions, Change Your Life

I see so many emotional issues in people I come across. From stress-related issues to depression to relationship issues to parenting issues to inability to let go of the past to procrastination to being held back by fear and anxiety, the list is endless. 

Even the most balanced person I see has emotional issues that prevent him/her from becoming more alive, more giving, more spiritual. 

This got me thinking. 

I asked myself –  How can I reach out to more people and show them they don’t have to struggle with emotional issues, and that simple, easy, natural solutions like the Bach Flower Remedies can help tremendously?

The ideas came……  

  1. give free awareness talks for people to know such remedies exist and how they can help (if you’d like to know when I will be giving the next free talk in Singapore, please drop an email via this Contact Form.
  2. teach people to become familiar with these remedies and learn how to use them at home
  3. teach people that emotional healing is actually easy and a MUST for them to move forward in life
  4. show people that they have the power to choose their own path to emotional healing 

So, I got working.  The project took some months of gestation and has recently taken birth.

011_038.gif  “Change Your Emotions, Change Your Life” workshop

I am very, very pleased to have put together a live workshop to help people identify their stress levels, understand their own negative or toxic emotions, learn how to use the Bach Flower Remedies to manage stress and clear emotional baggage, for themselves and for their family. 

I am terribly excited about launching this workshop in Singapore.

I hope to also offer this program online in the next few months for those that cannot come to the live program.

I really, really, really want people to learn about this wonderful emotional healing system and help themselves and their near and dear. I am offering it at a very reasonable price in order to reach out to as many people as possible. 

It is my sincere wish that every single one of us leads a life filled with positivity, confidence, happiness, abundance, inner calm and peace. I truly believe that my workshop and/or online program will help people achieve just that.

Watch out for more details in subsequent posts.

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