Protect Your Eyesight – Part 2

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Hope you’ve learned some eye relaxation exercises or Tratak and practise them regularly.

Here are some Homeopathic remedies that are useful for eye conditions –

Ruta Graveolens – for tired eyes due to strain especially lot of reading or studying

Natrum Mur – for headache due to tired eyes from lot of studying.

Argentum Nitricum – aching, tired feeling in the eyes. Feels better by closing the eyes or applying light pressure on them.

Euphrasia – watery eyes with a sensation of burning 

I have used Ruta Graveolens when I have been working long hours staring at the computer, and it usually helps me.

I do not recommend that you try to treat serious eye conditions on your own. Always seek professional help as required.

Take care of your eyes. They’ll serve you well into your golden years.


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3 Responses to Protect Your Eyesight – Part 2

  1. What we feed our bodies feeds our eyes. Many of the vitamins and minerals in our bodies are found in much higher concentrations in our eyes, so a diet lacking in these vitamins and minerals can lead to vision problems as we grow older.

  2. Vimala says:

    You are absolutely right, Bill.

    I once heard this somewhere and it stuck in my mind – Health is comprised of ‘WAFERS’ –

    W – Water
    A – Air
    F – Food
    E – Exercise
    R – Rest & Relaxation (keeping the mind calm)
    S – Sunshine

    Most people take care of some of these but forget others, but I think each of these elements is important in its own right.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.


  3. Hi, i meet thought i’d post and let you that your blog looks a taste crazy on the Dinct browser. Anyhow keep up the good work.

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