The Headache Solution

(Also see my post on Migraine dated Nov 19, 2007) 

free-headache02.jpgWe have all had it at one time or another. Mild or Throbbing, Dull or Severe, headaches can make our life difficult and have us curled up in bed praying and crying for a solution.

Homeopathic remedies are very useful in treating headaches. Some of the commonly used ones are as follow.  Select the one that most closely matches your symptoms. Get the remedy in 30c potency, and take it as instructed in my earlier posts “How to use Homeopathic Remedies at Home” dated Sep 20 and 23, 2008.

Sanguinaria Canadensis – Right-sided headache. Head feels as if it would burst. Headache that comes on every 7th day. Nausea and vomiting or other stomach problems may also be present. Menopausal headaches. Headache worse from sun, heat, light, noise, eating sweets. Headache better by vomiting, sleep, belching. You want to lie down in a quiet dark place without any noise or disturbance.

Belladonna – Headache comes on suddenly. Throbbing pain, mostly on right side of head/forehead. Face looks flushed, eyes dilated, pulse may be throbbing. Mind is excited or delirious. Headache worse from pressure, jarring, movement or light. Headache is better with warmth.

Spigelia – Left sided headache or headache that starts at back of head and travels over the head and settles over the left eye. Painful area is extremely sensitive to touch. Headache worse when looking down, smoke, sunlight, movement or stooping. Headache better lying on the right side, lying with head high or applying steady pressure.

Bryonia – Bursting or splitting pain, as if being hit by a hammer from within the head. Mouth and lips feel dry. Thirst for cold drinks in large quantities. May have gastric symptoms or constipation along with the headache. You become very irritable, grumpy and want to go home. Headache is worse from slightest movement, exertion, coughing. Headache is better by closing the eyes, by applying pressure to painful area, lying on painful side.

Natrum Mur – Headache is throbbing and blinding. Pain over the eyes and forehead. Headache feels like being hit on the head by a 1000 tiny hammers. Headache starts with sunrise and gets worse at noon, then goes off by sunset. Headache fron going out in the sun, from grief or disappointment, in anaemic adolescent girls. You have a tendency to dwell on unpleasant memories, you feel hurt easily, you do not want people to offer you sympathy or consolation and you want to be left alone. You may crave salty foods. Headache is worse from heat, reading, at seaside, stuffy room. Headache is better lying down in a quiet dark place, applying a cold compress, in open air.

Gelsemium – Headache starts in back of head and travels to the front; feels like a band around the head. Head feels heavy. You feel dizzy, drowsy, weak and dull. Headache that starts after a shock or fright. Headache before exams. Urination may be increased. Headache is worse by thinking, heat of sun, mental exertion, smoking. Headache is better by lying down with head elevated, bending forward, in open air, after passing urine.

Aconite – Headache comes on suddenly. Pain feels like a tight band around the head. Head feels full and heavy as if the brain is being pushed out. You feel anxious and restless, and feel fear of death. Headache is worse in stuffy room, in cold air, with light or noise. Headache is better with warmth and rest, and in open, fresh air.

Ruta G – headache due to eye strain

Iris Ver – Headache with severe nausea and vomiting. Right sided (particularly right temple) headache. Eyes feel blur. Saliva is ropy and tastes bitter. Pain feels as if head would come off. Head feels heavy or constricted. Headache is worse in early morning and evening, exposure to cold. Headache is better with bending forward, with light movement.

If after 3-4 days of taking the homeopathic remedy, your headache is not improving, please consult with a qualified professional. 

Biochemic Tissue (or Cell) Salts are also good at treating headaches.  BioComplex combination number 12 can be used for all types of headaches. Normal dosage is Adults – 4 tablets per dose, children – 2 tablets per dose, up to 4 times daily until resolved.

If after 1 week of taking BioComplex Number 12, your headache is not improving, please consult with a qualified professional. 

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